I decided to start ButterscotchLA after becoming increasingly frustrated at watching businesses and individuals, both large and small, spin their wheels trying to “do” digital marketing, all the while wasting time, resources and money. As native as digital is for me, I understand that the world of digital marketing is increasingly complex – an ecosystem and culture of its own – with rules that few have the time or resources to master. That is where I step in. With ButterscotchLA, I want to offer my strategic thinking and capabilities to companies and individuals, who have a strong vision, clear goals and a great product, but struggle with using digital marketing to achieve their goals and further their business. My aim is to show clients that digital marketing works, and that I can help harness and leverage it to their benefit.

ButterscotchLA (BLA) specializes in the creation and management of digital marketing programs and campaigns from concept through execution. We aim to help you grow your business by designing and executing smart and scalable digital marketing strategies that result in a positive return on investment.


Sayo brings over 10 years of marketing and digital experience in entertainment, media, tech, publishing, non-profit and retail industries to ButterscotchLA.

She was previously the Director of Social Media for UNICEF USA handling social strategy, campaign implementation and execution, and Director of Marketing at the online media company, Blip Networks, driving a multi-channel strategy across search marketing, online advertising, social media, promotions, partnerships, PR and events channels.

In the recent past, she served as the head of digital marketing for the film, entertainment and social action company, Participant Media/TakePart LLC (Inconvenient Truth, The Cove, Waiting for Superman, Food, Inc, The Help, Contagion) designing and overseeing digital campaigns to drive revenue, awareness and social action for the company’s properties. Prior, she worked at Dow Jones & Company, Inc. where she consulted Fortune 100 and 500 clients on their communications, digital and media analytics programs. She began her career as a PR professional managing campaigns for both established and startup organizations.




We turn your vision into a seamless strategy and plan, that you can use to create executable programs and campaigns

As brand consultants, our main role is to help you create the blueprint for actualizing your vision. We work with you to develop fresh ideas, refine loose concepts, and design strategies and processes that will allow you to execute and scale.


Our creative not only tells the story of what you do, but more importantly, who you are.

As designers, we build beautiful creative that embodies your brand, tells a story, and also touches upon one or more of, what we consider to be, “must-have” content characteristics: entertaining, inspirational, informative, and utilitarian.


We do digital advertising. We do social. We do email. We may, possibly, do it all.

Whether it’s running a digital ad campaign, sending out an email blast, managing social media pages or updating your website, as marketers, our versatility allows us to effectively use whatever digital channel necessary to drive towards your goal.



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